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What is the Food Safety Management System?

The Food Safety Management System is a tool used to achieve the food safety goals set by European regulations, the “Hygiene Package.”

It is composed of a set of documents describing the measures implemented
by an establishment in order to ensure its product’s hygiene and food safety (with respect to biological, physical, and chemical hazards) and proof of their implementation. It is a mandatory document for all establishments holding, preparing, and distributing food products.

The Food Safety Management System includes:

  • Best Hygiene Practices
  • The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plan
  • The traceability system

Every day in your establishment

In order to guarantee your customers’ food safety and cope with any inspections, you must keep your mandatory documents and daily records and actions performed up-to-date in the following domains:

Staff Hygiene
Archiving medical certificates and
hygiene training records.

Incoming goods inspection
Archiving inspection procedures (points checked, inspection
frequency), saving data recorded during inspections,
rejection reasons, and the corrective actions undertaken.

Temperature Control
Recording refrigerator and freezer temperatures twice a day, recording cooling and warm-up times for food, recording corrective actions
implemented when an anomaly is noted.

Cleaning plan monitoring and recording operations conducted
from day to day.

Frying Oil Quality
Recording oil change operations.

Raw Material Traceability
Preserving health control stamps for tracking the origins
of the raw materials used.

Open and Produced Product Control
Creating internal traceability labels for open products
and production.

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