The ePack Hygiene proposes all the features
you need
 to more simply manage
your Food Safety Management System

Save your mandatory daily records

  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Refrigerated unit temperature
  • Cleaning-disinfection plan monitoring
  • Oil change
  • Warm-up

ePack Hygiene

Product traceability monitoring

  • Paperless storage for all
    your product labels
  • Print internal traceability labels
    (open raw materials, production)

ePack Hygiene

Receive your microbiological
analysis reports directly

  • Automatically receive
    the reports in your system
  • View and present them.

ePack Hygiene

Automatic schedule updates

  • Alerts regarding overdue tasks
  • View upcoming tasks

ePack Hygiene

View and export saved data

  • Access to all your documents and records
  • Sort data by month/type/etc.
  • Export to Excel/Word/PowerPoint
  • Email to the addressee(s) of your choice.
  • Each week, automatically receive an email with
    a summary document.

All the Videos

Discover all features of ePack Hygiene in video ( french )

picto_marchandiseGoods Reception

Product Traceability

Data Archiving

unit temperature

Cleaning-disinfection plan

Print internal
traceability labels

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